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Where do I Begin?


You're about to begin a significant journey of healing and growth.

Many people ask us, "where's a good place to begin?"

There are actually two good options:

1. For those who want a lighter, more affordable but yet effective and quick healing, our 30-min private coaching session is for you. In this session, Kirk and Donny will hone in very quickly on what's coming up for healing now as well as providing you with a tool or two to work through it.

In addition to accelerate your process, you'll be invited to complete our Body Story Inventory (BSI) for FREE before your call. The BSI consists of a series of questions that will begin the process and connect some of the dots between what is blocking you and what your body is telling you.

The 30 minute session with BSI is available one session per person only.

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2. For those who want to jump right in, Kirk and Donny offer a package of 3 60-minute session by phone or Skype. This is the best way for people who are ready to make shifts right now.

This 3 session package INCLUDES the BSI as a BONUS!

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