I’m about fed up with all this houhaa I see out there constantly from
online gurus wanting you to buy something that will make you money.   True, they give you a piece of the money making puzzle, but not all of it.

After spending over $150,000 on money mentors; after making and losing over $1,000,000, I’m good and ready to tell the truth about money making AND money keeping.

Read on to find out what I know.

Blessings and give ‘em hell!

Donny, The Money Master

The Three “M’s” of Making and Keeping Money

by MoneyMaster Donny Lobree

I was just rummaging through my emails today and reading the latest offerings from the
money gurus I follow.  The messages all generally follow the same pattern: “Push this button”
or “write this copy” or “use this kind of opt-in box”  and you’ll make a lot of money.  I especially enjoy the ones that say, “I’ll show you exactly how I made a million bucks.”

What they fail to tell you is that only a very tiny percentage of people will be successful with the stuff they are touting.  What’s more, that tiny percentage would have probably made the money anyway, even without the guru’s “black box.”1

Most people will probably fail in making money if they just use the stuff that is typically sold by money gurus.  Why?  It’s not because the information was necessarily bad or that the people who buy it aren’t smart enough to implement it. It is because  what’s being offered out there does not deliver a complete picture of money making.  In all fairness to the many wonderful money gurus out there, most of them do in fact give you a piece of the money-making puzzle, but I’ve never seen a guru that gave you all of pieces.

In this series of 3 articles, I will give you an complete overview of how to make money.
I dare say, this is stuff NO ONE is talking about or teaching.

So let’s dive in.

In order to make AND KEEP money, there are three areas to be addressed.  I call them “The Three ‘M’s’ of Making and Keeping Money:”

The 3 “M’s” are:

1.  Method

2.  Mind-Body

3.  Management

Although each area is important, the area you will tend to focus on relates to how far along you are in your money-making career.  For example, beginners tend to focus on method.  Intermediates will be more interested in mind-body.  Advanced practitioners will focus almost entirely  on management.   But more on that later….

Let’s talk about Method now.

The first thing to understand is that money is a spiritual energy that is all around us.  Think of money as water and then think of yourself living in Hawaii where it rains a lot.
Rain is falling frequently all around you.  THere is more than enough for everyone.  There’s just one problem, however.  You have to catch that rain in order to make it useful to you.  Otherwise, the rain will fall down and disappear into the ground.   That’s why people in rural Hawaii build catchments or huge tanks next their house that will catch the rain so they can use it. They have a system whereby the rain falling on their roofs goes down the gutter into big storage tanks.

Picture of Catchment catching rain from a roof


Now think of the first “M” of money making, Method, as a rain catchment.  You are building a way to catch the money that is available to you now.

Your catchment is, of course, your business.

So this may seem obvious to you, but a lot of people, especially people new to being an entrepreneur, get messed up at this point.  People think, “if only I had a better business (catchment).  Maybe I need branding, or maybe I need a logo or that cool ezine design.”

People don’t realize that building your basic business  is a simple process.  All you need is a product or service,  a couple of people to call and a way to accept payment.  That’s it!  Check off the “method” portion of your money making picture and let’s move on.

Of course, over time, your catchment will develop and become more sophisticated.  You will expand it so it can catch even more money. (Hint: things like branding and logo come much later, you don’t need them at the beginning)

As I said earlier, beginners tend to focus on just the “method” part of the money puzzle.  They think, “If I just had the right “black box”1 I could make millions.  And there are marketers out there that realize this and cater to that belief by selling their latest money-making method.  Again, this isn’t to say what they’re selling isn’t any good, it just doesn’t address the whole picture of money making.

As you read this, take a moment to check in with yourself.  What do you feel in your body?

And where in your body do you feel it?

Having done that, you’ve just touched on the 2nd piece of the the money-making map, “Mind/Body”

More on that in part 2 of this series.

Wishing you happiness, peace and big fat pay checks.

1  A “black box” is a term used in stock trading to mean some system that works
mysteriously in picking winning trades and making money.  You don’t know how or why it works, it just does.
Of course, no such thing really exists, but the hope of finding one is what marketers are selling.

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