By Dr. Kirk Prine

Those of you who know Donny and I well have heard us say repeatedly, “your body never lies”.  We we work with listening to the stories and messages found in their bodies, incredible transformations take place in health, wealth, business, and purpose.

Our bodies often tell us about “Failed Systems” — ways in which we are energetically operating in a world that perpetuates results of pain, stress, and disease.

The same is true in lives and in our businesses.  There are often gaping tender spots and even diseases eating away at our effectiveness, profits, and satisfaction.

Donny and I are offering an Advanced Body Story Expert training next year that will teach practitioners to listen to the stories that block folks from their desired results by using rituals as tools to assist liveration

So you ask, “How does this help me?”  In the next couple of Body Story Ezines we want to draw your attention to simple but powerful ways to listen to your business in searching for the transformation you desire.  These ways come from shamanism and alchemy.  Transformation will come when there is integration of four elements:  earth, fire, water, and air.

So much struggle is being experienced right now with “Failed Systems” that do not deliver desired outcomes because there is an emphasis on one element or another rather than in integration.  Let me explain.  Some of you are strongly gifted with one element style and resist or limit yourself by trying to create your business from that one element.

Here are some broad concepts about elements:

Earth businesses are focused on heatlh, money, products, and business.  Earth element folks can be grounded by lacking in creativity, spontaneity, fluidity, communication promotions, passion to sell, envision for the bigger picture.

Fire businesses are filled with passion; often unfocused, lacking grounding, undisciplined intention and solid strategy.

Water businesses are constantly creating something new or getting lost in integration and personal process, needing to be completed before they can take action steps.

Air businesses are masterful with information sharing and critical assessment, yet they may miss the stability of a grounded foundation, they may lack passion and spontaneity to excite themselves and their customers to see the need for a product and they may overlook the emerging vision being presented.
So without judgment, which of these elements most describes you?  This is the starting point for more intuitively crafting your business, your business strategies, your business team, and your own mindset work to be more effective.

Failed systems need new eyes and ears to access a new plan of success that comes from integration (rather than resistance).  A new alchemy will guide you to your heart’s desire in your life and in your business.

More on this juicy topic in our next Body Story Ezine.

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