by Dr. Kirk Prine

“The body is sacred.”
–Walt Whitman—

Years ago, I came up with a little formula for healing: “Attention Plus Intention Equals Healing” or AIH.  Of course, the attention and the intention meant loving attention and intention.  Most of us have received very mixed attention and intention around our bodies.  We all have been saturated with societal, religious and family expectations, abuse and disregard for the sacredness of our bodies.  Thus, saturating ourselves with loving our bodies is the antidote.

A woman I knew tattooed the image of a bold beautiful butterfly where her breast had been after having a mastectomy.  She did this with gratitude for having moved beyond her cancer. She wore the tattoo proudly as a symbol of her transformation.

Once, a very large man came to see me for bodywork.  As I began the massage, his body contracted.  I stopped and asked what he was feeling as he began to cry, “I am so ashamed of my body,” he said.  Caring for him to release the shame, I continued the massage.  Then I became aware of a pressure in my ear that told me he was probably experiencing something in his own ear.  When I asked about his ear, he couldn’t believe I sensed his pain.  “I’ve had an earache for a week and nothing will make it go away,” he reported.  I told him I became aware of it  which probably meant he was ready to heal.   As he ran some loving energy to his ear the pain completely left and he was healed.

What you say to your body and how you say it through your words, self talk, actions and behaviors can be loving attention and intention resulting in more wholeness.

The impact of loving your body not only can have ripple effects in your health and well being, but in wealth and success. Just like my client who first dropped his shame about his body was then available to receive a physical healing.

A woman who did body story work with Donny and I had been sexually abused as a girl.  As she became more loving towards her body in releasing old stories, she was able to drop her fear of not having enough money.

Whether it’s a bubble bath , a yoga class, an intimate  connection with a partner, singing, Tai Chi, good food, breathing exercises, offer your body messages that you love yourself.

Saturate yourself with ways of loving your body.  Your health, wealth and success will be amplified with remembering your body is sacred.


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