So you’ve got the first “M”, Method, of your holistic money-generation plan worked out.

You have also done sufficient healing in the second “M” ,Mind/Body Story, so that what you

are putting out in your marketing and sales conversations is congruent.


What’s left?


The 3rd and last step is Money Management. Whereas beginners tend to focus on Step 1, Method; and Intermediates tend to focus on Step 2, Mind-Body Story; advanced practioners will put their efforts mainly on Step 3.


By the way, if you haven’t read Part 1 and Part 2 of that series, I would recommend it. You’ll get more out this. Here is the link:



Give ‘em hell!





Why Do We Bother?


Now before I go on, I should mention that in this series of articles I’ve been talking about making money in general. But to what end do we go to the bother of making money? I would suggest that our ultimate goal is financial freedom


What is financial freedom? Let me propose a definition for you. To do that, however, I’ll first describe what financial freedom is NOT. This will surprise you. Read on….



Even with 20 Million, They Weren’t Financially Free!

My lawyer once told me about two of her clients, a married couple. They were worth 20 million dollars. Yet, they worried they didn’t have enough money. Even though they had more money than you and I might ever have in our lives, they worried about lack. Despite the couple’s great wealth, they were not financially free.

A while back, I read an article where are survey was given to “rich” people asking them what they thought about money. One man, an internet wiz-kid already worth tens of millions said, “If I just could have one hundred million in the bank, I would feel financially secure.” This man was also not financially free.

I dare say, in the case of both the couple and the wiz-kid, that even if they had their ideal monetary figure in the bank, they still would not be financially free. The couple would probably still worry about not having enough. Likewise, the wiz-kid would most likely wish he had yet another 100 million in the bank.

Now I’ll give you the first notion of what I mean by “money management.” The people I’ve mentioned above we’re not financially free because they had not exercised CONSCIOUS management of their money.

Conscious management does not necessarily mean hiring a money manager, investing in the stock market, or going on a “money diet” and restricting yourself in ridiculous ways. To be clear, I’m not saying that a money manager investsments or savings do not have a place in your management plan, but you need to take a more basic step first.

Raise Your Money Consciousness: Your First Step

When I started working on my weight and diet years ago, the doctor I was working with had me write down EVERYTHING I ate during the week. I can’t tell you how illuminating it was to discover what I was really eating and how little thought I was putting into my food intake. Having done that work, I was able to make some big changes in my diet and lose weight—not through deprivation or starving, but through being more intelligent and strategic about my eating.

Managing your money and managing your food are quite similar, actually. There’s no hope for change in either area until you chose to take a close look at your present food/money habits.

Yes, you may have guessed what your first assignment is. That’s right! You get to write down everything you spend money on. Do it over a week’s time. Include everything. That means the Starbuck’s coffee you had in the morning, the protein drink you picked up in the gym, the new doodad you ordered online last night. Everything. Most importantly, do not do this exercise with any self-judgement. Just observe.

What will you have when you finish this exercise?

You will have a baseline for where your money consciousness is right now. Look at it this way. If you want to drive to Los Angeles, you must know where you’re starting from. Otherwise, how would you know what freeway to take to arrive at your destination? This is the essence Money Management, the 3rd step of holistic money making. Unless you know where you’re starting from, you won’t be able to see how to get to your goal: financial freedom.

How does all that feel in your body and where do you feel it?

Keep tuned in: I have a ton more to share with you.

Peace, Happiness, and big fat paychecks.


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