By Dr. Kirk Prine

Spirit gave me a dream in 2005 where I heard a voice saying, “Tell everyone they are ‘Citizens of the Reconstruction’.”  I had no idea what that meant although it seems to get clearer to me with each passing day.

In ancient wisdom and in the wisdom of tribal peoples, the principal of “what’s up now” is central.  ”What’s up now” represents what is available for healing now.  ”What’s up now” is the principal that guides Donny and me in our work of The Missing Thread. What is showing up now, especially through the body, reveals a deeper truth that seeks to come through.  The question, “What’s up now?” can also be asked of the body of the earth.  What is happening right now on the planet represents the earth trying to speak to us.

One of the things that’s up now is the new movement called Occupy Wall Street.  This phenomenon of Occupy Wall Street is part of the pulse of “What’s up now” that you take as an entrepreneur, healer, or change agent wishing to express your purpose through your work.

Spiritual teacher Deepak Chopra led a 30-second meditation with a mass of people on Wall Street the other day.  He asked them to put their hands over their heart and ask themselves internally, “What kind of world do you want?”.

The disparity between the rich and the other 99 percent of the population in the United States needs to be on the hearts of 100 percent of us.  Among the Occupy Wall Street protesters seen recently was a woman with a sign saying, “I work here.  Please increase my taxes.”  The energy of this movement no matter what you may feel about it can be a call to consciousness.  We are all being called to new dialogue about wealth.

For entrepreneurs who have been on a wealth creation path to be of greater service in the world, our ears are being called to be attentive and our hands are being called to share our gifts.  This is good business.  This is the kind of business that spiritual masters like Jesus understood.  Wealth is available to all from the inside out and the oppressed must be given a vision and tools to be free.  There is a concept from liberation theology that says, “God is on the side of the poor.”  That means the poor inside all of us no matter which street we live on — Wall St., Main St., or any other street.

Donny and I will be creating a telesummit to explore wealth creation as it supports you in being in greater service.  We will continue this conversation.  For now, we would encourage you to listen to your body as you see the images of Occupy Wall Street.  What is trying to be expressed?  How are you as an entrepreneur, healer, and change agent a part of this emerging voice of consciousness?

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