By Dr. Kirk Prine

Spirit gave me a dream in 2005 where I heard a voice saying, “Tell everyone they are ‘Citizens of the Reconstruction’.”  I had no idea what that meant although it seems to get clearer to me with each passing day.

In ancient wisdom and in the wisdom of tribal peoples, the principal of “what’s up now” is central.  ”What’s up now” represents what is available for healing now.  ”What’s up now” is the principal that guides Donny and me in our work of The Missing Thread. What is showing up now, especially through the body, reveals a deeper truth that seeks to come through.  The question, “What’s up now?” can also be asked of the body of the earth.  What is happening right now on the planet represents the earth trying to speak to us.

One of the things that’s up now is the new movement called Occupy Wall Street.  This phenomenon of Occupy Wall Street is part of the pulse of “What’s up now” that you take as an entrepreneur, healer, or change agent wishing to express your purpose through your work.

Spiritual teacher Deepak Chopra led a 30-second meditation with a mass of people on Wall Street the other day.  He asked them to put their hands over their heart and ask themselves internally, “What kind of world do you want?”.

The disparity between the rich and the other 99 percent of the population in the United States needs to be on the hearts of 100 percent of us.  Among the Occupy Wall Street protesters seen recently was a woman with a sign saying, “I work here.  Please increase my taxes.”  The energy of this movement no matter what you may feel about it can be a call to consciousness.  We are all being called to new dialogue about wealth.

For entrepreneurs who have been on a wealth creation path to be of greater service in the world, our ears are being called to be attentive and our hands are being called to share our gifts.  This is good business.  This is the kind of business that spiritual masters like Jesus understood.  Wealth is available to all from the inside out and the oppressed must be given a vision and tools to be free.  There is a concept from liberation theology that says, “God is on the side of the poor.”  That means the poor inside all of us no matter which street we live on — Wall St., Main St., or any other street.

Donny and I will be creating a telesummit to explore wealth creation as it supports you in being in greater service.  We will continue this conversation.  For now, we would encourage you to listen to your body as you see the images of Occupy Wall Street.  What is trying to be expressed?  How are you as an entrepreneur, healer, and change agent a part of this emerging voice of consciousness?

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by Dr. Kirk Prine

“The body is sacred.”
–Walt Whitman—

Years ago, I came up with a little formula for healing: “Attention Plus Intention Equals Healing” or AIH.  Of course, the attention and the intention meant loving attention and intention.  Most of us have received very mixed attention and intention around our bodies.  We all have been saturated with societal, religious and family expectations, abuse and disregard for the sacredness of our bodies.  Thus, saturating ourselves with loving our bodies is the antidote.

A woman I knew tattooed the image of a bold beautiful butterfly where her breast had been after having a mastectomy.  She did this with gratitude for having moved beyond her cancer. She wore the tattoo proudly as a symbol of her transformation.

Once, a very large man came to see me for bodywork.  As I began the massage, his body contracted.  I stopped and asked what he was feeling as he began to cry, “I am so ashamed of my body,” he said.  Caring for him to release the shame, I continued the massage.  Then I became aware of a pressure in my ear that told me he was probably experiencing something in his own ear.  When I asked about his ear, he couldn’t believe I sensed his pain.  “I’ve had an earache for a week and nothing will make it go away,” he reported.  I told him I became aware of it  which probably meant he was ready to heal.   As he ran some loving energy to his ear the pain completely left and he was healed.

What you say to your body and how you say it through your words, self talk, actions and behaviors can be loving attention and intention resulting in more wholeness.

The impact of loving your body not only can have ripple effects in your health and well being, but in wealth and success. Just like my client who first dropped his shame about his body was then available to receive a physical healing.

A woman who did body story work with Donny and I had been sexually abused as a girl.  As she became more loving towards her body in releasing old stories, she was able to drop her fear of not having enough money.

Whether it’s a bubble bath , a yoga class, an intimate  connection with a partner, singing, Tai Chi, good food, breathing exercises, offer your body messages that you love yourself.

Saturate yourself with ways of loving your body.  Your health, wealth and success will be amplified with remembering your body is sacred.


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By Dr. Kirk Prine

Here is an excerpt from my upcoming book, “The Missing Thread to an Abundant Life.”

You know those times when you know you need to laugh and you need to cry?  There is a biblical saying, ”those who sow in tears shall reep in joy”.  Joy and pain are right next to each other and laughter is the bridge to release the pressure valve.  Here I talk of laughter as part of the ecstatic path to success and activating your purpose.

Laughter seems like the perfect closure to a chapter on the Simple Steps for the Missing Thread to an Abundant Life. Laughter has often been the closing experience to a profound journey with Spirit.  After a 13- day fast, I broke into full belly-laughter with a group of people praying.  Waves of kundalini washed through each of us as we laughed for over an hour. Following many rebirthing breath-work experiences and ecstatic massage experiences, I have burst into moments of laughter, joy, ecstasy, grief and Samadhi.

In the heart of the AIDS years, I brought together a national conference called AIDS: Living in Recovery.  Elisabeth Kübler- Ross spoke, stirring people’s stories of grief, unfinished business and then laughter.  One of the speakers, Therapist JoAnn Loulan, spoke on sexual healing, awakening participants’ consciousnesses while getting them laughing.  Presenter after presenter whose words were not funny seemed to well up waves of laughter.  The presenter who evoked the direct path was Annette Goodheart, Laughter Therapist.  She pulled people up on stage with her who were very sick, who had almost died or were caregivers of very ill people.  Annette’s whole teaching was to laugh for no reason.  Not because something was funny, but just to laugh.  Moments after having people on stage with her, she would ask a few questions about their health and before you knew it, they were laughing uncontrollably.

Another story she told was of the tradition of an African tribe during a funeral.  Painting the picture Annette shared, these people believe the spirit is no longer in the body of the deceased, but have traveled on.  So a part of the ceremony of the dead as he/she is being carried away off through the hills to the cremation site, is to drop the body along the way.  Of course, the crowd who had lost many friends and lovers roared with laughter as she told the story.  The playfulness of approaching the body as in the African tribe story seemed to uncork the grief in the room with joyful relief.

In some of the work Donny and I have done is a retreat called Ecstatic Gatekeepers: Conversations with our Ancestors.  It is a weekend to celebrate our connection to the dead.  In the weekend, we construct a manikin-like figure called “the friend” to represent our ancestors.  As we carry the “the friend,” we make sure we drop him along the way to the fire.  Annette’s own story was she has a chronic condition of low blood pressure and she could easily die if her blood pressure was not  raised regularly.

So, she began using laughter as a way to raise her blood pressure and give her energy to live.

Laughter, as Annette and people like Norman Cousins reported over the years, changes the body chemistry.  It acts as an internal organ massage with many benefits.  It is an emotional balancer and I believe clears our energy fields of clutter momentarily.

In my years of being a psychotherapist, I spent a number of years doing sex therapy with couples.  So much of the work had to do with getting couples to find what pleasured them without a performance expectation.  Although I don’t know of any studies to validate this, I was aware couples who had fun, played together and laughed together seemed to enter into increased functioning more easily.  Laughter clears the pathways in the physical and energetic bodies so the erotic experience flows without struggle.

In summary, I would say laughter is allowing oneself to lose control.  Ecstasy is not a controlled experience. Pleasure is not a controlled experience.  Healing is not a controlled experience.  When laughter flavors your journey, you may be praying your most authentic prayer.  It is a prayer through the body that lubricates your joy and potential for your creative juices to flow.

Laugh hardily and heartily!

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mlk, jr.

Dream Dangerously 

By Dr. Kirk Prine

We’ve been sharing a lot about this grass-roots movement of entrepreneurs, healers and change agents embodied in the phrase “We Are The Ones. (See It is clear there are people waking up to the desire to make a difference through their lives, their businesses, their service and philanthropies.

This grass-roots movement of change, like all liberation movements, seems to have some common values even though they may not have been previously articulated by any single leader.

One of these values shared by leaders of change movements is a call to dream dangerously.  Donny and I just got to hear an inspiring talk by Reggie Odom (see about the big dream.  In Reggie’s talk, she noted that when Martin Luther King gave his famous “I Have a Dream” speech in front of the masses, it was the gospel singer, Mahalia Jackson who called out to him onstage, “Tell them about the dream.”  It was Mahalia’s shout that influenced Martin to share about his dream.  You know the rest of the story.  However, Martin’s dream was a dangerous dream, a dream that was not welcomed by some and could have had him killed or imprisoned.

As I was reminded of this story about both Mahalia Jackson and Martin Luther King, my body tingled.  The Divine is ever calling us to put our bodies on the line for our dreams. 

No matter what the circumstances of abundance you are experiencing right now, the dream is your guide.  The dream to help others is like a compass to focus your commitment to be abundant so you can offer your impact of change.

In these times of great change, all of our dreams are the tapestry of a new way of being.  Our commitment to what calls us may feel like a dangerous dream.  The current circumstances and empirical evidence may tell us to play small.

If Mahalia Jackson had not prompted Dr. Martin Luther King, he would not have given the speech that changed history.  If he had not expressed his dream, masses of people would still be enslaved.

Your dream is necessary–not only for you–but to bring the change all of us desire.

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Aliveness, the Key and the Secret 

By Reggie Odom with a forward from Dr. Kirk Prine

One of the more recent quotes people are using from me is “If you are not thinking outside the box, you are attached to a story.”

In these times, especially, there is an awakening taking place beside a pot of conflicts stewing on the planet. Thinking outside the box is necessary to really be able to change, adapt and grow with changing situations to produce results.  As I have mentioned in previous ezines, the six archetypes that we teach in the Missing Thread Mystery School usher in a new consciousness and manifest success are all ones that require presence.

One of our students/colleagues said after doing her work with us recently, “The more present I become the brighter the world looks.”

When we are present everything changes from hopelessness, powerlessness, aloneness and a lack of feeling safe to possibility.  Presence, then, is the real challenge in our personal life and our business. When we are present we can readily think outside the box and the story that we’re governed by external forces softens.

Donny and I just experienced one of our own “stories’ and when we freed ourselves from it, the creative juices for two amazing new programs burst forth. (You’ll see them soon.)

Our colleague, Reggie Odom, has contributed her thoughts to this idea:


Are you ready.. 

To step into your greatness?

What is it that you must be and do to feel fully alive?

We all yearn for aliveness. It is essentially what our personal journey in life is about. To feel and be fully alive. 

Aliveness is the experience and the expression of the Life Force flowing through you. It is the true energy of being.

What aliveness is not…

Aliveness is not adrenaline. Adrenaline is the depleting and unsustainable energy of stress. 

The excitement of adrenaline is often mistaken for aliveness. It is a powerful energy source for sure but over time it tears you down rather than builds you up. 

Adrenalin is usually based in fear, no matter how unconscious that fear may be. It will pump you up and get you ready to fight tigers. But in reality there are rarely tigers to fight. 

Adrenalin is triggered in our daily lives when we forget who we really are. We then lose connection with ourselves and look outside for answers. 

As a result we shift into adrenaline based motivations and behaviors. We feel a sense of urgency. We become motivated by “shoulds.” We attempt to force situations and control outcomes or the opinions and behaviors of others. We become wired and tired.

Adrenaline is addictive. And it is burn out energy when used as a regular energy source.

Back to aliveness…

The Life Force – the true energy of being – is the vitalizing and renewing energy of life. And it is always available to us. It never runs out.

We have access to this energy and experience aliveness to the degree that we remember who we really are and express that truth in our lives. 

The key to aliveness is authenticity. When we are remembering and being true to who we really are, the flow of Life Force energy is released from within. It flows through us and into our lives. 

We experience a sense of connection within ourselves, with Life and with others. We are available for inspiration. Our direction comes from within. We take inspired actions. We experience vitality and passion. We are in the flow of Life. 

The Secret of Life…

Now I will tell you the Secret of Life…

The secret of life is to be and do more of what makes you come alive. That which increases the flow of Life through you. And let go of what stops the flow. 

What is it that you must be and do to feel fully alive? Begin now and experience the exquisite aliveness that awaits you…

Step Into Your Greatness Now! Be and do more of what makes you come alive.

Reggie Odom CPCC, PCC

About Reggie

Reggie Odom – hailed as “The Consciousness CEO” by one of her mentors – is a professional coach and mentor specializing in transformation and leadership. She is also an inspirational speaker, spiritual teacher, writer, intuitive and life purpose hand analyst.

Reggie’s mission is to inspire, empower and call forth greatness. She helps women entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and artists step into their greatness where playing small is no longer an option.


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The Law of Circulation: What is your capacity to receive and are you ready?

By Dr. Kirk Prine

In the law of circulation it is said “all things in the Universe are always flowing in a cycle and are ever expanding”. Have you ever given something to someone and almost immediately you received the thing you gave returned to you from another source? The principle of or Law of Circulation always reflects back to you what you offered.

So as you face this new economic climate the question may be “what are you circulating”? The inclination right now is to hold back, cut back or offer less.  Your money, time, resources and, more importantly, the energy of generosity are often constricted in times you perceive as threatening, insecure or unstable.

The focus of both my spiritual journey and my clinical studies has for the past twenty years has been to observe the science of thriving which is really the study of the miraculous.  The miraculous is really just applying what you inherently know but may have forgotten.

Recently I lead a meditation about seeding and in the meditation gave participants some corn seeds to plant.  Today a man who had received four corn seeds told me, “I put the seeds in my shirt pocket and threw the shirt in the laundry. I saw the seeds were beginning break open so I planted them in soil. One of them grew and became a stock of corn out of which I got to eat some corn.”

I’m sure most people who did this meditation never even tried to plant the seeds thus had no opportunity of producing nourishment.  Often most of us, myself included, are given some seeds which we never even plant.  The seeds remain a nice metaphor of prosperity rather than  a reality.

How many of you are struggling with manifesting money right now?  Rather than beating yourself up about it, invite yourself to see the seeds you have been given yet didn’t pay any attention to.

One story Donny and I are famous for came when we first got started on creating money looked much just like those seeds thrown in the laundry.  We kept asking what might we do to increase our income.  All the time every day (2-20X’s) people would stop both Donny and me on the street and ask where did we get the talismans we were wearing. This happened everyday! One day a car driving down the street stopped right beside me as I was walking to our breakfast restaurant.  The couple in the car yelling out the window, “Where did you get that jewelry?” Still not getting it, Donny and I sat at breakfast asking what can we do to create money.  Like the seeds that were sprouting the shirt pocket, we exuberantly laughed at each other saying, ”Oh the Shankari jewelry!” We knew the healing properties of the jewelry and how it assisted un-transforming peoples energy so it was a no-brainer, once we saw it.

The Law of Circulation may speak to you in several ways.  The miraculous is available to you now.  You cognitively know this is the truth yet your current experience may not reflect this.  If so, then you are overlooking something right in front or you’ve stopped giving.

Again, be open to new eyes to see what is already there.  Also be willing to look at where have you stopped giving.

The Law of Circulation indicates what you give to one person, you will receive from a different source. So you don’t have to give with the expectation of receiving back from the same person you give to, but knowing that it will definitely come back to you multiplied from other sources. It works according to the law of cause and effect where the universe always mirrors back to you whatever you do.

So check in with yourself without judgment: how and where are you giving right now and how/where have you cut back?  The Universe responds to your energy, mindset and actions of giving and receiving.  Even if it is just a smile do so generously.

The flip side is also true.  When people affirm you, your work, your body, your gifts etc do you receive with a strong yes in gratitude or are you “shy’ about being affirmed?

In these changing times, then:

Be open to seeing what you are missing.

Give more not less.

Notice what you feel when you receive, Give gratitude even if you don’t feel it yet. The Law of Circulation has not broken our capacity to receive. Give thanks Beloved, the seeds are there.


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What Does “Radical Inclusion” Have To Do With Your Business?

By Dr. Kirk Prine

In shamanism there is a concept called soul retrieval.  It is a calling back of parts of yourself that have been lost or split off because of challenging experiences in life.  These parts are thought to be hidden away in the earth.  A journey to the underworld is then required to reclaim these lost parts along with their gifts bring.  This journey, when completed, will bring you more wholeness.

Watching entrepreneurs and their businesses right now, we see many who seem to be doing better at claiming parts of that they have lost.  We also see many who are struggling and feeling afraid to bring these parts forward.  For example, a man we assisted in working on his mindset and business was in a secure comfortable corporate job.  Restlessly knowing his corporate job was not his joy, he started to reclaim his path in writing and producing music.  In another case, a woman we worked with is reclaiming her healing gifts which she had hidden away because she was shamed as a child for her intuition.

You could say, “I don’t know how this is true for me.”  If you’re feeling really “on purpose” and yet your business is struggling you might want to ask, “What am I not bringing to the table?”  In last week’s ezine I put out, I was opening up to bringing channeling to our work when people desired it in their personal work.  Donny has been reclaiming his acuity with foreign languages and we will be bringing this forth in our work as well. (Stay tuned).

Radical inclusion is about bringing all the parts of yourself to the table and seeing the gifts in every aspect of yourself.  As Napoleon Hill said, “Every adversity, every disappointment, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equivalent benefit.”  Beneath the earth of your outer discomfort is some part waiting to be retrieved.  Early in the AIDS epidemic I spoke with Michael Callen, a long time survivor and researcher of people who were living longer and better through the disease/wellness process.  I asked Michael one day what is the most important thing for people to know about living better.  I expected some profound spiritual characteristic of people doing better yet his response was “doubt everything”.  I was blown away. After sitting with his response, I knew he was right.  This is the starting place to faith.  Your soul retrieval may include welcoming back the parts of you that have been discarded like “doubt everything”.  The energy you need to get you moving may be awakened when you bring compassion to this part of yourself.

The people consumers tend to buy from are people whom we trust and who feel they’re authentic.  Welcoming back the parts of yourself you have hidden away, tried to kill or even ignore may be holding the key to your success in selling the whole of you.  So notice anything you may be avoiding.  It is holding a gift for you.  Radical inclusion starts and ends inside you.  Get radical in welcoming all the parts of you to the table.  Your success and your true purpose may depend on it.

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