How It All Began

By Dr. Kirk Prine

Donny and I had the pleasure to hear Gina Ratliffe (www.estherexperience.com) muse on the biblical story of Esther. The famous line “for such a time as this” we’ve all heard from this story that speaks to all of us today as it did for Esther.
For such a time as this, you have been prepared for by all the situations of your life. 
I spent sometime today listening to my spirit guides called Shimakataya. They encouraged me to be vulnerable by allowing the power within to come forth. So I’m sharing with you the story of meeting my guides, Shimakataya. This comes as an excerpt from my upcoming book The Missing Thread to an Abundant Life.”

My house had just burned down……….

Prior to the fire, my partner and I had planned to go to London and Prague together. The timing of a retreat and then traveling to Europe to heal and renew seemed perfect.

My heart had been “hallowed,” or swept; and I knew that space would be filled with something new. The “new” showed up in an extraordinary experience while we were in London. Donny and I made love that morning (probably opening up the circuits for the experience to follow). We were to go out and meet Sue, a friend of his. Sue was, among many things, a healer and a channel. The plan was to meet her at Westminster Abbey for an Evensong service.

Getting up from our bed to ready ourselves to meet Sue, I had the sudden realization I didn’t know who I was. I didn’t know my name. I didn’t know who Donny was or his name. A weird sensation of peace flooded my being and body while an edge of fear laced my cognitive process. I knew I was safe and I knew I was supposed to be with Donny and he was my partner, but beyond that I was a blank slate.

For about two hours I stayed close to Donny, gathering whatever hints I could as we chatted.  When we met Sue, she used his name, he used her name and then they used my name. Finally I had something to identify myself with. I have had many ecstatic experiences in my life. In our men’s group called Flesh & Spirit, we regularly created rituals using ecstatic massage, a combination of touch, breathwork,  prayerful intention,  and sometimes Reiki. In ecstatic massage I always connected with the spirits of the ancestors. In other rituals using breath, sound, elements, touch and movement over the years I experienced the Divine in ways that seem beyond time and space. Through healers, shamans or mystics I have had many extraordinary  energetic experiences like being carried through a portal. Once I meditated and fasted for 13 days and I was taken up into a wave of joy of an intensity that words cannot describe.

Yet, this experience of ecstasy in London was unique. The only clue I had during the two hours of altered consciousness was the concept of “walk-ins” that I had read in a book 20 years prior. (I subsequently remembered that it was Ruth Montgomery’s Strangers Among Us.) The book describes souls, energies, entities, or personalities that enter the body, something like the concept of reincarnation, but occurring after birth. A walk-in can completely replace the existing personality or soul of that body, but my experience felt more like an opening up to some large spirit rather than an invasive replacement. I felt as though I was connecting to the Divine, and eventually I integrated this opened spiritual connection into my ongoing life.

Somehow it resonated with me that some energy of guidance was coming through in a different way than I had  ever known before.. I was at ease in the confusing mental sorting out that was going on knowing some wonderful gift was being bestowed. It was truly mystical. The work of the ecstatic path which I have taught for many years was about to have broader meanings and implications for my mission of love that was not only going to heal bodies and relationships but was about to be offered to all people to activate their purpose and create wealth!

In the subsequent months after the experience in London, I began doing automatic writing allowing this guidance to speak through me. Instead of monitoring the writing, I simply let the writing go wherever it would.

My guides took on the name Shimakataya.  One day, upon welcoming my guidance, Shimakataya offered these words:

“Relax… You will find a space. It will have a corridor. There will be a front private entrance. There will be steps going up the side. There will be a small garden and two flower boxes for you to plant flowers…..

A few hours later, these  words  were fulfilled  giving me the next step after the fire.

I share this story with you to remind you the guidance you need is close at hand, Welcome the Spirit which is whole and Holy in you and see what you notice.  I also wanted to share part of the story with you because we would like to begin sending out short readings from Shimakataya offering support for our journeys.


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Why Aren’t You Getting All The Abundance You Want?

By Donny Lobree

So you are doing everything you know to do to get it right: you’re attending seminars, getting coached, learning all the latest marketing hoop-la, working on mindset—you’re even praying on it—but still that abundance you seek isn’t coming.

“What else do I have to do?” you might think.

Well, it’s quite simple.  And it’s about time we got down the essence of the essence of this money thing.

If you are not in the full flow of abundance there are two basic reasons why that is so: 1) you believe what you have to offer is of little or no value or 2) you believe you do not deserve to receive.

I expect most of us will fall into category two.  The foundational reason for holding this belief is your illusion of the need to atone.

No matter what religious background you come from, and even if you don’t come from one, we are taught we are basically bad and we need to atone.  That is, we need to pay, suffer and struggle.

When you’re busy paying back for your “sins”, how will you ever receive, how will you ever have success?  That’s a problem!

You see, Beloved, we are moving into a new cycle of energy with all this 2012 business.  The old cycle was about martyrdom, devotion and sacrifice. 

The new cycle is about celebration:

Celebration of who you are, the gifts that only you can offer to the world, and must offer if we are to complete the shift into the new.

The new cycle is about acceptance:

Acceptance of those gifts. Any they are gifts.  You have nothing to prove to anyone.  You do not have to struggle or suffer to prove their validity.  Claim them now, Beloved! This is also no time for timidity.  The train is moving, get out of your chair and jump aboard!

When you accept who you are your gifts and your role there will be a flow.


What to do now?  How do we shift any left-over unconscious need we have to atone?  It’s really quite simple.  Sit in a meditative state and say the following:

I now release all oaths, vows,

 promises and judgments

 of who I be now and always.

And I affirm the fullness of my being.

That’s all it takes.  Do it a couple of times if you want to be sure. 

Are you still having trouble?  Then ask Kirk or me on our new weekly show, “Ask Kirk and Donny Live.”  (See below in “Magic Tools” for details.)

As you do this, you will consciously release attitudes and opinions that led to vows in this and other lifetimes which served at one time but are no longer valid.

The era of atonement is over.  Let’s replace “atonement” with “at-one-ment:”

at one with the flow,

at one with abundance,

at one with our service to others as purveyors of our unique gifts.

And so it is, Beloved!



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POWER: What Is It, Really?

By Dr. Kirk Prine

“POWER: The Ability to do or act; Capability of doing or accomplishing something.” 

—Webster’s Dictionary

Whatever the news of the day… seeing images of flags being raised saying “Don’t Tread on Me” or the painful disaster of the oil spilling in the Gulf, it is clear the opportunities to wake up are ever before us.

These events as the backdrop of our personal lives as entrepreneurs, healer and change agents makes it also clear just how important each of you are to bring your unique gifts of liberation.

The buzz phrases, “be in your purpose”, “play a big game” and “step into your greatness” are commonly used among many of us who are on some conscious path.  Each of these phrases infers POWER to make a difference.  “Power,” however, is a loaded word filled with stories that are encoded in your body, energy and mindset.  Just what is power?

You probably have immediate images, feelings and judgments when you muse on power.  Many of them may frighten you.  Rightfully so.  In 1960, two psychologists, French and Raven, described 5 common categories of power.  Consider each one of these power types and what stories you might free yourself of as you muse on them.

The effectiveness of your life and business may depend on how you “know” power.

As you walk though these descriptions take time to breathe, feel, release and reclaim your power.

Coercive Power
This is the power to force someone to do something against their will.  It is clearly a kind of power over someone. I would rename this as punishment.  For entrepreneurs, healers , change agents and all others who want to be powerful in influencing the world to bring peace and abundance (for all who desire it), the stories of coercive/punishment power tend to be hiding unconsciously in your body keeping you from taking risks.

As Donny and I teach people to free themselves of stories like “I will never be like ____________”, they then are not so afraid of dealing with conflict situations in their business and world that feel like coercive power.  These stories directly impact your willingness to market yourself.  They may manifest in being less than clear or indirect because you don’t want to “impose” yourself (your power) on someone.  Getting free of this story will change how you approach marketing.  Forgiving yourself for how you may have used coercive power is an act of self love.

Reward Power
We all have learned when you do something “good”, you get rewarded.  One of the main reasons we work is for the money so we conduct our lives for this reward power.  There are many more forms of reward power which have the potential both to build you up, or punish/manipulate you.  Again stories around how you have been rewarded influences the ways you run your business.  Staying free from the toxicity of reward power is being unattached to outcomes.  Your ultimate service is not about reward even though you are worthy; it is about expressing freely the gifts you have been given.  If you didn’t get rewarded with enough love, security or self-esteem, you may run you business looking for validation rather than service.

Legitimate Power
Legitimate power is that which is invested in a role.  Royalty, politicians, police and managers all have legitimate power.  Thus folks exhibiting legitimate power are often recognized because of their role not because of who they are.  The potential story in this type of power is believing you are the role you assume.  In times especially like these, being free to change, adapt and grow means listening to who you are now not the assigned role you have been playing up until now.

Referent Power
This is the power from another person liking you or wanting to be like you.  It is the power of charisma and fame, often held by all celebrities and leaders.  In wanting to be like people with referent power, you may want to stand near them, hoping some of their charisma will rub off onto you. It is sort of an Oprah phenomenon which is a blessing if you are clear about your own self worth.

Those with referent power may also use it for coercion.  The story associated with this type of power is the need to belong and seeking that from someone outside of yourself.

Expert Power
Expert power comes when you have knowledge and skill that someone else requires. The oil spill in the Gulf Coast needs thousands of kinds of experts to offer holistic solutions.  The story of expert power may be played out in competition rather than cooperation.  If you grew up learning the only way to survive was to be independent being an expert may be isolating rather than the path to build community.

The “Missing” Power
The “missing” power not mentioned in French & Raven’s model is Divine Power.  When Marianne Williamson spoke these words:  ”Our greatest fear is not that are inadequate…our greatest fear is we are powerful beyond all measure,” I believe she was inferring this kind of power.  Divine Power comes from within and is greater than any outer circumstance.  You channel this power.  It is unlimited; thus it does not run out.  Divine Power after all is an intention and vibration that holds “more life for all, less for none”.

I remember being a psychotherapist in the throws of the AIDS epidemic when I personally knew hundreds of people who had died.  It was then that I did some amazing work even in my exhaustion.  I say this to remind you being in Divine Power does not depend on your feeling good or being on the top of your game.  It only requires your availability.

Identifying yourself as an expert, knowing people of influence to affiliate with, assuming a role and offering rewards/benefits when coming from a place of equality and raising people up can be of great service.  These ways of power can allow you to be more visible to get your gifts out to the world.  Being attached to any of these ways of demonstrating power calls for healing, so you can be free to demonstrate Divine Power.  What you “know” about power is what you will demonstrate through your business.  Be willing to heal the stories you hold about power so you can truly be powerful in loving service.

So, I leave you with the question we use a lot with our clients: What does power feel like in your body?  Be gentle with yourself as you open up to being powerful.  It’s the only way we will work together and be the ones we’ve been waiting for.  The times are crying out for our gifts, please don’t hold them back.


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Outcomes & Results: We All Want Them, but What Is The Point?

By Dr. Kirk Prine

Recently the reading below (and said to hang on the wall of Mother Teresa of Calcutta’s home for children) was read at the memorial service of an amazing public servant, San Francisco Police Officer Jane Warner.  Jane was known as someone whose life exemplified the following words.

Walking her beat of the streets of the Castro daily, Jane assisted many not only to resolve conflicts but get them help for the challenging situations they faced.  In this week’s article “Outcomes & Results: We All Want Them but What Is The Point?” I want to acknowledge all of you who are making a difference whether you get this “prosperity thing” fully yet or not.  It will come.  Money, abundance and resources will manifest, but is that the point?

The writing on the wall of Mother Teresa’s home read:

Do It Anyway

“People are often unreasonable, irrational and self-centered. Forgive them anyway.

If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives. Be kind anyway.

If you are successful, you will win some unfaithful friends and some genuine enemies.  Succeed anyway.

If you are honest and sincere, people may deceive you.  Be honest and sincere anyway.

What you spend years creating, others could destroy overnight.  Create anyway.

If you find serenity and happiness, some may be jealous.  Be happy anyway.

The good you do today you will often be forgotten.  Do good anyway.

Give the best you have and it will never be enough.  Give your best anyway.

In the final analysis, it is between you and God.  It was never between you and them anyway. ”

One of ways I believe Donny and I serve in this movement of entrepreneurs, healers and change agents is to help folks make course corrections.  Being attached to outcomes is a place of bondage no matter what the attachment is about.  Money is just a resource for us to be of service, yet being attached to having it or not having it seems to preoccupy the energy, attention and focus of so many of us.

The mindset of the mystics, prophets and enlightened liberationists has never been “how much money can I make” but “how can I be of service.” This mindset allows them to trust that all the resources necessary to accomplish the mission Spirit has placed on their heart will always available.

Our service is not dependent on any outcome.  Mother Teresa, a powerful manifestor of wealth for her work, did not spend her time focused on money but on her relationship to God/faith and the people she saw as the beloved.  Her words again capture what we as entrepreneurs, healers and change agents are seeking: to be of service through your business.

She also said,

”The success of love is in the loving–it is not in the result of loving.  Of course it is natural in love to want the best for the other person, but whether it turns out that way or not does not determine the value of what we have done.  The more we can remove this priority for results the more we can learn about the contemplative element of love.  There is the love expressed in the service and the love in the contemplation.  It is the balance of both which we should be striving for.  Love is the key to finding this balance.” — From A Simple Path, by: Mother Teresa, 1995.

So a simple course correction is to be willing to notice any attachments you have to results and outcomes.  Live fully in the “now” with all the abundance that is already present and releasing the attachment will come with some ease.  Being willing to release the story about outcomes and results will also allow you to relax in to the grace of “Do It Anyway”.  We all have heard it is not about the destination but the process, practicing that is where freedom dwells.

People like Officer Jane Warner, Mother Teresa and you, Beloved, will inspire by the way you live in freedom.


Kirk and Donny publish an article like this one every week in their Ezine, “Body Stories,” to help you in body, mind, spirit and business.  Subscribe in the above top-right opt-in box  and you’ll also receive a special bonus.

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Here is Kirk’s recent ezine article, read by Donny.  It’s powerful.  Have a listen….

“What are the connections between your unconscious mind, behaviors and feelings that make up the body stories impacting your relationship with money?…(Click below below to hear more)

More Love, More Power…What About More Money?

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More love, More power….  What about more money?

By Dr. Kirk Prine

What are the connections between your unconscious mind, behaviors and feelings that make up the body stories impacting your relationship with money?  All traditions teach abundance is available even in the most challenging situations.  Ask these questions:  What is the one factor that keeps you struggling financially?  What are the habits that reinforce the lie that you cannot have what you desire?  Who, (what voices) would judge you if you were rich?  How easy is it for you to receive pleasure, gifts, money or recognition without having to do anything in return? What is your hunger?


This is totally bizarre: as I started to write the title for this ezine, the song I’m writing about came on the TV station I had on. I just popped it on as inspirational background music as I write this. I’ve never heard this song sung on TV before. Just coincidence right?  I’m pausing for a moment to shed some tears of gratitude. Don’t you love it when things are so clear?


Donny and I attend a church where the congregation sings passionately.  The music of the church is the glue, the vibration and the felt energy, I believe, of all the people’s wounds, desires, passion and love, which are being poured out.  One song that seems to raise that feeling vibration to a high tunnel experience is the song with these words:


More Love,

More Power,

More of You in My Life.

I will worship you with all my heart

and I will worship you with all my mind

and I will worship you with all my strength

for you are my God.

For each person singing, they may be directing the words inside to the Divine, outside to the love Source or even to the connections of community and nature.  No matter, the tonal cries seem to connect heaven to earth, body to spirit and heart to heart.  Those moments of worship are when people feel that which is greater than themselves, yet dwells in themselves.  I would say in those moments many, if not all, move out of their everyday life and challenges to a heartfelt cry for help, comfort and healing. It is in these moments that bring people back for more.

For entrepreneurs, healers and change agents on a conscious path, it is this experience we want to offer to our clients so that they feel fed and want to come back for more.  For a moment, they allow themselves to BE different, which creates a hunger for more.

Yet, that hunger for more doesn’t always translate into more money.  Money seems to have its own set of stories buried in our bodies that we cling to.  Stories that there is not enough love, security or self-worth to go around or someone will get hurt or even killed.  The word I would have you play with in this article is “hunger.”  Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich speaks of it like this: “There is one quality, which one must possess to win and that is a definiteness of purpose, the knowledge of what one wants and a burning desire to possess it.”  The Sufi mystic Rumi says in many ecstatic utterances, longing is the pathway to God.  Just like in the experience of worship we can experience being plugged in and being a part of the infinite Source, which lacks nothing, or we can experience the hunger for more that may feel too painful.  To feel hunger is to feel all feelings and to be safe enough to stop being numb.  To feel hunger is the path to freedom or the path to addiction.

Body stories about money can come out of personal stories involving outside influences.  For example, the parents of a woman we worked with were killed in a concentration camp; an African-American woman whose father was denied a job because of race; or a man whose parents were significantly impacted by the Great Depression; these are all bigger societal issues, which create blocks to receiving money freely.

Hunger as the mystics talked about it was the journey to the Divine.  Hunger is also necessary to receive money freely.  The same hunger to seek and find our connection to source over and over again requires that “white-hot desire” longing and hunger. Those feelings will create motion.  Gabrielle Roth writes disease is inertia.  Healing is movement.

If you are not feeling your hunger right now, you may be addicted to debt, just getting by, or guarding your heart by trying to exercise control.  Give yourself permission to feel hunger so you might discern your path, your products and services and your next step.

So welcome your hunger. Identify what it is. Celebrate it.  Don’t judge it.

The places Donny and I see most people getting stuck right now are in suppressing their hunger that is blanketed as a need for financial security.  Hunger may be the guide to your financial freedom.  Hunger may be the energy to be released to hear the guidance for the next outrageous marketing plan or the next strategy so you can to attend to the needs of those you serve.

There are three layers to reality: Your personal energetic beliefs, our collective consciousness (the dream/illusion) and spiritual truth that sets us free. Your hunger can guide you to touch that third layer of spiritual truth. (We talk about more in an upcoming ezine.)

Be hungry.  It is your path to ecstasy, freedom and abundance.  More love.  More power.  More of you in my life. 

Kirk and Donny publish an article like this one every week in their Ezine, “Body Stories,” to help you in body, mind, spirit and business.  Subscribe in the above top-right opt-in box  and you’ll also receive a special bonus.

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The King of Pentacles

By Dr. Kirk Prine

The Process

In our work we teach about a body map. The places were stress, dis-ease, pain or vulnerability to dis-ease lives in your body and gives you clues to understand the messages of your body, energy and unconscious mind which we call Body Stories tm. Location, location, location is a part of the “blink” Donny and I teach to be a Body Story Expert. Here is a summary my work on some significant events, body stories, their location and the impact/gift in my own life.

Event/Circumstance Location Body Story Gifts of Transformation
Sexual Abuse Cataracts on eyes Not safe to see the world Inner sight. “I am safe.”
Religious lie about being gay Chronic Broncitis, lungs Don’t have the right to exist I can take up space. Breath coach
Surgery on Eye (under full anesthetic Left eye Not safe to see See what others don’t for healing

Surgery on hernia(under full anesthetic

Left groin, hernia Cannot trust and hope. Must work hard and strain

Receive abundance with ease.


The result of healing and freeing those body stories allowed me to be visible, having the most amazing relationship of my life, heal my body to breathe, create more money, travel the world, and to feel the Spirit of Service flow through me.And yet.

Shortly before Donny and I met I remember lying the couch: I coughed and immediately had a hernia. It was a time of feeling like I was pouring myself outworking very hard and straining to make the all operations work. For five plus years now this hernia had not physically ever bothered me, nor did it ever give me any pain, but it was a constant reminder. The hernia was on my left side, thus the reading was that the hernia developed out of strain (energetically) over the area of my sexual creative chakra, which is also the area of financial strain for many. As Donny and I have healed our own stories and become more successful it has been a strong desire to bring full congruence to my body reflective of our success with greater ease.

So we planned a short timeout. What surfaced for me was one of my fears had nothing to do with the hernia surgery but a residual story my body might have. The last time I had a full anesthetic was during my eye surgery in which I lost the sight of one eye. Here I was about to go into surgery to heal much more than a hernia. I was healing the loss of hope that I had experienced in my eye surgery. I knew this plan for timeout was going to bring about a more congruent message from my body that I am safe, powerful, connected and hopeful.

The surgery was easy and elegant. So, today when we asked how I might I speak of our timeout of course the perfect outcome card was the King of Pentacles. The King of Pentacles is the energy to welcome physical and spiritual mastery with humility to be of service. This is the call to each of us to welcome abundance, to heal ourselves and to offer that healing to others.

One of my friends is a shaman and when I told him what I was doing he said you will heal rapidly with the work you are doing on yourself and the help of all your guides and friends. He’s right, I am healing rapidly….Healing to live in service while calling others to free themselves to do the same. We Are The Ones.

Kirk and Donny publish an article like this one every week in their Ezine, “Body Stories,” to help you in body, mind, spirit and business. Subscribe in the above top-right opt-in box  and you’ll also receive a special bonus.

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