Part 2: Mind-Body Story


By Donny Lobree, The Money Master


(If you haven’t already read Part I of this series, please do that

now, and you’ll get more out of this article. Here’s the link to read

Part I.



Money-making is not hard. As a matter of fact, it’s not any harder than

riding a bicycle. You may remember when you learned to ride a bicycle it seemed

a bit hard at the beginning, but once you got your balance, you never had to think about it again.


Why is bicycle riding and money making similar? Both have to do with consciousness. The reason you can ride a bike is because you became conscious of balance. Similarly, the reason you can make money now is because you are conscious of money.


Money is a consciousness. Yes, I know, money looks as though it’s a physical objective thing– the green stuff we see every day or the number attached to your bank account. But those things are only a physical representation of your level of money consciousness. The truth is, as you probably already know, there is nothing backing up the green stuff. It really does represents nothing, that is, NO THING! . Up to 1969 we could at least say the dollar bill

was backed by gold, but that is no longer the case. All we have is a polite agreement among ourselves that money is worth something.

So back to my original point: money is a consciousness. In order to access money, you must access money consciousness.


How Do You Access Money Consciousness?


To access money consciousness, you have to know the answer to this question:

Where is consciousness located physically?

(Hint: it is NOT just between your ears)

Consciousness is located in your whole body! That’s right, consciousness is in your ears, your head, your fingers, your toes, your chest, your tummy, your legs..anywhere where there is a cell in your body.

Each and every cell of your body contains consciousness…and that includes money consciousness.

The ancients knew this. For example, that’s what the yoga poses or asana or all about. They are designed to awaken consciousness through your body.

Money is a consciousness, and that money consciousness is in every cell of your body.

So here is where people get messed up when they hear some money gurus talk about what is commonly called “mindset”. The term “mindset” is really a misnomer because it only tells part of the story and leaves out the most important part: the body. You cannot separate the mind and the body. If you’re just focusing on “the mind” then you’re really missing the boat.



Get Your Body Into It!

No matter how much positive thinking you do, no matter how many affirmations you say in the mirror, nothing will change unless your body is somehow involved.

So play this game with me to demonstrate the point:

Pretend you have a wonderful package of services: coaching and/or products that is well-worth

the $20,000 you’re going to charge for it. Never mind what is in it for now. Just focus on the fact that you’re going to ask for and charge a client $20,000 (and if you’ve already done this in your business, then change the figure to what you haven’t done. Make it a $100,000; $500,000; or $1,000,000 package!)

Now stand in front of a mirror and say, “That will be $20,000 please. May I have your credit card number?”

What do you feel in your body as you do that? Where do you feel it?

You have just identified the location and existence of a BODY STORY.

We have so many Body Stories around money.

Recently, I helped a client with a video for his service and when it was time on the video to ask for the business, he just started stuttering. Most of my life I have refused to return items to the store even if they still had the shrink wrap and I had the receipt. Only recently I realized this was because I didn’t want to ask for the money back.

Method and Mind-Body Story Are Related

Here’s where the first “M” of Money Making, Method, plays into the 2nd “M,” Mind body story. If you chock up when you ask for money, then that energy will be behind the sales letters you write, the emails you send, the ezine article you publish and the offers you make onstage.

If you have that niggling feeling in your gut that somehow you’re asking for too much, that it’s not worth it, that you don’t deserve this much money, that the people in Africa are starving….then that is exactly what you’re going to express irregardless of your cool ezine template, irregardless of your pro copy that you paid a lot of money for someone else to write, irregardless of your branding or logo. You’ll end up receiving back what you put out: a mixed message at best.

How do you change the body story? You find the original “contract” you made with yourself, you break that contract and then you replace that body story with a new experience. With the proper guidance and motivation, this can be accomplished fairly quickly. Kirk and I do this all the time with clients.

There is One More Step

There are those who are bringing in all kind of cash, but are spending it just as fast or faster. The 3rd part of this Money Making and Keeping puzzle is Management. And I don’t mean just investing in IRAs , going on “money diets” or hiring a money manager. It’s more sophisticated than that. Stick around for next week’s article to find out more.

In the meantime,

Peace, health, and big fat paychecks.


Donny, The Money Master






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