By Dr. Kirk Prine

In these articles, Donny and I are exploring the notion we all know something bigger is going on in our world than what is apparent.

Try this exercise to tap into your own wisdom about what is happening in the world:  Take a piece of paper and write down what you’ve been needing to express.  Something like, “I’m blank about blank.”  Now commit to releasing those feelings in a safe way.  Now start again.  Write out a sign that you would carry in an Occupy Wall Street movement demonstration.  Let go of, “I would never walk in a demonstration”, or any judgments you may have about the Occupy movement.

This exercise is about you learning something about yourself.

Consider these stories as a way to connect some dots.  Powerful healing can come when that which has been squelched is expressed.  For example, in our work with a woman whose business was doing just okay, Donny and I found that she had a story from childhood that kept her from expressing herself.  Now that she has found her voice, her business is now flourishing at a much higher level.  By breaking her childhood contract of silence, she is becoming powerful and sought out by clients she loves working with.

Similarly, another client recently also had squelched her voice from a traumatic past experience.  Her true feelings were secrets manifesting themselves in a chronic, physically limiting disease.  In freeing her voice her symptoms have disappeared.

The Occupy Wall Street movement is filled with voices of feelings trying to be expressed.  Expression can bring the first stage of healing, yet without clear intention the desired freedom and results may never manifest.

Donny and I have lost money and made a lot of money.  We also know what having and not having money feels like.  We also know that wealth is available to all of us from the inside out and as we do our work.  Prosperity is just one manifestation.  Yet the Wealth Creation movement among entrepreneurs can be used to liberate or shame those who have or don’t have.  Remember that the principles of wealth creation are meant to empower us much like the principles of healing Louise Hay taught in the metaphysical healing movement.  But the wisdom Louise Hay taught can be used to judge others.  So, for example, if the soul chose to be sick, maybe somehow the person didn’t “do it right”.  On a spiritual plane, this may be true, yet blaming the sick is not the way to recovery.

Donny and I spoke recently to a powerful thought leader in the entrepreneurial Wealth Creation movement.  When we spoke of the Occupy Wall Street movement he quickly jumped in to say the rich don’t have a problem.  My heart broke again as a wisdom keeper for wealth creation did not appear to grasp the bigger picture.  We all know that there are conscious and unconscious people who are rich, poor, and in all spectrums of money.  We also know that the systems and cultures around wealth are often broken.  There is pain to be expressed in the one percent as well as the 99 percent.  In fact, to find a new way of business that many of us conscious entrepreneurs espouse will require the pain of 100 percent to be expressed.

A new voice of power and compassion is what Donny and I have seen heal our clients.  Just like the client who found her voice and is now at a higher level, and just like the client whose disease was healed, your voice is awaiting to be expressed.  A new voice with the intention to heal will make a powerful difference in the world.  Go back to the exercise.  What does your sign need to say?  What is your conscious voice to be seen and heard?  What you write is what you bring to the way you do business, so write with compassion and intention.

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