By Dr. Kirk Prine

Liberationists like Martin Luther King, Jr., Mahatma Ghandi, Audre Lorde, Bayard Rustin, and Jesus all defied convention, not just to act out some wound about power, but to actually set people free.

So as you are creating your business, your message and your mission, ask yourself, what old ideas of being appropriate are keeping you from being fully free?  Some “ideas” are the attachment to a philosophy that no longer serves you.  Things you believed as the truth and you may have staked your life on.  Remember “the truth sets you free”.

A man, Gene Sharp, is one of those people who has already changed the world.  Little known to most people, he is one of the world’s foremost non-violent revolutionary strategists alive.  His writings are credited with the strategy used in the ongoing toppling of the Egyptian government.  Democratic movements in Serbia took back power from Milosevic and in Ukraine freedom from Yankovych was inspired by Dr. Gene Sharp.

The Albert Einstein Institute he runs is made up of him and an executive assistant, Jamila Raqib, out of his home in Boston.  Yet the impact of his work has empowered liberationists around the world and has world leaders who suppress the voices of people scared of him.  Without violence, Sharp’s writings have helped millions achieve freedom.  ”As soon as you choose to fight with violence you’re choosing to fight against your opponents best weapons and you have to be smarter than that,” Sharp says.

Here are some of his keys:

  • Develop a strategy for winning freedom and a vision of the society you want.
  • Overcome fear by small acts of resistance.
  • Use colors and symbols to demonstrate unity of resistance.
  • Learn from historical examples of the successes of non-violent movements.
  • Use non-violent “weapons”.
  • Identify the dictatorship’s pillars of support and develop a strategy for undermining each.
  • Use oppressive or brutal acts by the regime as a recruiting tool for your movement.
  • Isolate or remove from the movement people who use or advocate violence.

These words by Sharp could just as easily be translated to your life, business and your contribution to a peaceful revolution of love trying to be born.

Pause.  As you read this, what happened in your body, in your self talk and especially how did “being appropriate” show up?

These are important times beloved.  Money is a rallying symptom for a bigger picture and the path to healing needs us all.

Pause again.  What heroes or heroines do you want to honor and reflect upon to strengthen you in these times?  Call on them and the energy they knew to strengthen your heart.  Together as conscious people we can heal ourselves and our world.

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