I’ve laid out some very basic principles of my 3 part approach to holistic money-making.

My 3 “m”s are Method, Mind-Body Story, Money Management.

In this next few of articles, I’ll get going into more depth on each of the three areas.

Today, I’ll be talking to you more about Method. Do you already have a method to make money?

Then read on, what I have to say may surprise you. Are you just starting out and don’t have the “method” piece down yet? Even better, because you won’t have any preconceived ideas about what you “should” be doing to make money.


There are unopened gifts in your closet.

I can remember when I was first starting out as an entrepreneur. I was willing to do almost anything that looked like it would make money. My first attempt involved buying into an online bookstore where people would pay using click-bank. I never got anyone to buy a pdf book and later abandoned the bookstore.

The reason why it didn’t work was that it just wasn’t me, it wasn’t a legitimate expression of who I am.

As entrepreneurs, we have a duty and an obligation to express into the world what we really are, what our truest gifts are. When we approach our “method” of money-making in that way, being an entrepreneur really puts us on a solid , spiritual path of wealth.

Think of Mother Teresa as an example of this. Wouldn’t we say she was living out her true calling? Yet, she commanded tremendous wealth, which is something not generally know about her. It wasn’t her personal wealth, but she could move tremendous resources around if she chose to. People offered her money, airplane, palaces, all sorts of things—all as a result of her being in her highest purpose.

I believe we come into this life with many gifts. Think of those gifts as lovely wrapped packages that are sitting your closet . When the time comes, we go into this closet and open one of our gifts. For example, I never new I had a gift as a masseur until about 7 years ago when I took a Swedish Massage course at the local massage school and starting giving massages as a volunteer to homeless men with HIV. The guys would line up to book with me because as one man told me, “Donny, you’re doing more than just giving a massage. Your massage feels like a spiritual experience.”

But you are no different! You also have unopened gifts sitting in your spiritual closet.


How do I know what my unopened gifts are?

It’s very likely you already know what they are. Spirit is trying to tell you what some of your unopened gifts are right now–even as you read this article. Most likely, when the gift reveals itself, it may seem silly or ridiculous. Always, however, when the gift is revealed, it will move your heart. It probably will make you cry because it is so grand and so amazing that you can hardly stand it.

Yet, when we have these moments of enlightenment, we tend to ignore then and say something like, “Oh, that can’t be for me,” or “I couldn’t possibly do that,” or “I’m not deserving enough.”

The funny thing is that if it’s not for you, then Spirit would not have revealed it to you. It never would not have occurred to you. Only things that are truly part of who you are will come into your perception.

So here’s the exercise I’ll leave you with for today:

Just notice in your quiet moments what comes to your mind and heart. Quiet moments can be as simple as when you’re waking up in the morning or going to sleep at night. It can be while you’re driving down the freeway or even just staring at TV in the evening. What is moving your heart right now in a big way? What brings you to joy or even tears? Whatever those things are will be the keys to your true abundance. For now, don’t ask “how” or “why.” Just remain in the knowing of what your heart is being called to be and/or do.


Until we meet again.

Peace, Happiness and Big Fat Paychecks.




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