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Body Story Laser Session

Are you looking for the quickest, most affordable and effective way to get started with your own Body Story™ work?

Then take our Body Story Inventory.

In it, you’ll be asked a serious of questions. Once you finish the questionnaire, just email it back. Then, you’ll be contacted to make an appointment to discuss the results in a private, 30-min session with Kirk and Donny.


My intention when I came [to work with Kirk and Donny] was to see what was really missing in me or what was missing in my business to take it to the next level and so what I've really found is that the breakthroughs that I came to through all the exercises, the interactions with one another and the absolute love and devotion to teaching and to each one of us that Donny and Kirk had was just an amazing experience. From day one we were just really like an onion, we peeled layer by layer so that we were able to see more authentically our true selves. I'm so grateful. I know that everything in my business is going to change. I know the things in my life are going to change. I know that my home front is going to change. My career path will only get brighter and better and I'm eternally grateful. Thank you Donny and Kirk.

-Robin Samora

Here are a few of the questions you’ll be asked:

If you have any questions, just contact Donny at